One Mind:Two Bodies

Below is an excerpt from a 30 minute experimental live performance first shown at UCD in January 2014 entitled One Mind:Two Bodies. 

One Mind:Two Bodies explores contrasts of the human body through the use of dance, video and sound design. Heavily inspired by the work of Jenny Saville, The Quay Brothers and the body horror film genre, the performance was a great success.

This particular section features Choreography & Film by Alicia Whitehouse and Sound Design/Composition & Film by myself. 



Recently I have been working on an electroacoustic piece entitled ‘Situations’, which can be found in the ‘Release & Works’ section for free download. 

‘Situations’ was part of an experiment in which I set myself the task of creating a piece of electroacoustic music using granular & micro montage techniques using only samples of the human voice. 

These samples were collected via email, with one criteria, that the sender was to send a sample of themselves detailing their name and what they were currently doing (hence, ‘Situations’). 

The piece was influenced by the micro montage work of Horacio Vaggione and also the work of Trevor Wishart, who often works with the human voice to create electroacoustic music. 

Many thanks to Ben Steed, Robbie Hopkins & Jordan Berry for their vocal contributions.

Movements In Time

Movements In Time is an electroacoustic piece composed by Alex Millar. The piece was created purely from the human voice and features rich, deep textures and drones which create a truly immersive experience for the listener.

After its release, ‘Movements In Time’ was used as part of a University experimental live performance in June 2013, this featured choreography from dance student, Lis Whitehouse which can be seen in the video.

Attilio “Untitled” E.P released today

Attilio is a UK based Italian Hip Hop/RNB singer/songwriter and producer. I recently have had the opportunity to work on his latest project, taking the role as mixing engineer.

Today is the release of this project, which can be streamed/downloaded and purchased from the links below.

It has been a great pleasure working with such an interesting and innovative artist, Thank you Attilio.

ATTILIO ”Untitled” EP Out Now




Summer 2013 news and updates

Just a quick update regarding my upcoming works and releases through the summer. 

I have two granular based electroacoustic compositions currently in production which will hopefully be released as free downloads via my website by the end of july.

I also have my second album due to be released by August/September under my pseudonym ‘Audition’. Several notable artists within the electronic community have been confirmed to feature on the album. 

More news will follow within the next few week!



Film Score Complete!

I have finally completed the score for a short movie entitled ‘The Silence’. The score is now available to listen to thorough the ‘Release & Works’ Section. 

The film originally started life at the Edinburgh Fringe as a stage performance, and due to popularity of it, it was then translated into a short film. 

The score was a great personal achievement and the feedback I have received has been excellent.



Busy Busy!

I have been very busy lately with several projects and works but one in particular I am very excited about. I have recently been commissioned to score the music for a short film due to be premiered at a local cinema this month. I will hopefully have the film uploaded within the next week to preview.